What We Do

Focused on real estate and land use, business and commercial law, estate planning and probate, and personal injury.

Our work in these areas has encompassed administrative, appellate, banking, bankruptcy, business, civil, construction, corporate, disability, education, elder, employment, environmental, fiscal, health, housing, insurance, labor, liability, real estate, regulation, tax, tort, and veteran rights law.

Real Estate and Land Use

Commercial and Residential

Are you buying, selling, renting, leasing, developing, or building real estate? For both commercial and residential, we handle all types of transactions and disputes.

Real Estate Conveyances

Including buying a home, selling a home, use conveyance (easements, height and view restrictions, land covenants), buying a business, selling a business, buying commercial property, selling commercial property, leasing commercial property.

Land Use and Development

We help clients understand, obtain, implement, and defend legal rights for the development and use of land.

Our firm has experience handling a variety of projects, including resorts and hotels, housing developments, industrial facilities, mixed-use projects,  gas stations, daycare services, and other public/private developments.


We represent owners, design professionals and contractors in all stages of construction.

  • Project conception and design
  • Contract preparation, negotiation, and administration
  • Claims and negotiation
  • Dispute resolution

Including bid protests, construction delays and impacts, cost-overruns, breach of contract, design and architectural errors and omissions, construction defects, surety issues, termination disputes and insurance coverage.

Landlord-Tenant Issues (Commercial and Residential)

We represent landlords and tenants on issues including failure to pay rent, upkeep and repairs, breach of lease or disruptive behaviors, withholding rent for repairs, insurance, pets, right of entry, eviction, liability, security deposits, and provision of habitable living conditions.

For both commercial tenants and commercial landlords, services we provide include:

  • Explaining obligations, liabilities, and negotiation strategies when entering a long-term lease
  • Advising and representing in maintenance disputes
  • Advising on or preparing documents such as: eviction papers, estoppel certificates, notices for breach of lease, CAM charges, demand letters, foreclosure notices


Including real estate forfeitures, judicial foreclosures, trustees sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, short sales, mortgage modification and negotiations.

Real Estate Defects

Including home defects, negligent home inspection, construction defects, property disclosure issues, title defects.

Boundary and Neighbor Disputes

Including adverse possession, easement disputes, negligent or wrongful water discharge, property line encroachments, HOA disputes.

Business and Commercial Law

Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small-Mid Size Companies, Large Business Entities

Counsel and support for entrepreneurs, startups, small to mid-size companies, and large business entities in all stages of development. In addition to general business counsel, we represent clients in litigation and the drafting, reviewing, and enforcing of documents relating to incorporation, transactions, contracts, and more.

Formation of Business Legal Entities

Including formation, selecting the most suitable legal structure (corporation, s corporations, LLCs, PLLCs, limited partnerships, partnerships, sole proprietorships, tax-exempt not-for-profit companies, etc),  licensing, zoning, signage, lease issues, internal affair structuring, and more.

Transactions, Contracts, and Agreements

Including purchase or sale of businesses, bankruptcy and restructuring, business litigation, finance, negotiations, leasing, employment, and other business contracts.

Business Disputes

Including commercial collections, enforcement of obligations, employment, government oversight, product liability, contract breach, owner disputes, dissolution, business defense, insurance coverage and bad faith, fraud and misrepresentation, unfair competition and business torts.

Employment Law

Including wage claims, harassment, discrimination, unemployment, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, hiring and firing, employment contracts, severance agreements.

Estate Planning and Probate

Individuals, Families, Personal Representatives, Trustees, Beneficiaries – for Estates Small to Large

Everyone has an estate. Our goal is to protect your assets and promote peace of mind by providing focused estate planning services, ensuring your wishes and values are upheld. Our firm also represents executors, trustees, and beneficiaries in estate administration, probate, will contests, and litigation.

Estate Planning

Preparation of wills, trusts, financial and medical durable powers of attorney, healthcare directives, community property agreements, and other devices to ensure your wishes and values are upheld.  Depending on your family and financial situation, estate planning can be very simple or very complex.

Some complex situations we assist with include:

  • Being in a second or later marriage
  • Owning multiple businesses or real estate outside of Washington State
  • Having no children, recently losing a spouse, or recent divorce
  • Leaving some or all of your estate to charity
  • Caring for special needs family members without disruption of government benefits
  • Planning for problem children or family members who may be irresponsible with money
  • Planning for the care and inheritance management of minor children
  • Strategies for tax minimization on sizeable estates
  • Estate planning for elders, who may have unique needs and concerns

Tax Planning Strategies

Counsel on the strategic use of trusts, gifts, sales, and other wealth transfer devices to minimize the tax burden on estates.

Elder Law

Older Americans may have unique concerns and needs.  In addition to wills, durable powers of attorney, health care directives, trust and estate administration, and other common estate planning devices and services; we provide advocacy, counsel, and assistance in areas such as:

  • Long-term care and long-term care insurance review
  • Medicaid applications, appeals, and recovery
  • Social Security, veteran’s benefits, and other government assistance programs
  • Special needs trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Protection from exploitation and abuse
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Retirement plans
  • Geriatric care

Probate and Trust Administration

Counsel and assistance to executors and trustees in managing and understanding their fiduciary duties, which can be time consuming and complex.

Will Contests

We represent heirs and beneficiaries seeking to challenge a will, as well as executors legally bound to defend a will. Our work in this area includes complex, cross border, and international cases – and we have a strong track record of success.

Some of the dispute cases we have represented clients in involve:

  • Invalid execution of a will
  • Wills allegedly changed to benefit particular family members
  • Rights of excluded statutory heirs
  • Undue influence on the decedent
  • Legal capacity of the decedent
  • Accusations of fraud or forgery
  • Administrators, executors, or personal representatives accused of negligence
  • Breech of trust claims and applications to remove trustees
  • Missing wills or intestate estates due to lack of will

Personal Injury

Negligence, Accidents, Intentional Acts, Defective Products, Defamation

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one, a personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights and recover maximum compensation for the losses and harms sustained. Medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering demand prompt, fair solutions.

Our first step is to discuss your case and injuries – physical, financial, and emotional – and explain options. When your retain our firm, we will immediately work to take these matters on so you can focus on recovery.

Premises Liability

Property managers and owners have an obligation to keep their property safe.  When someone is injured or killed on another’s property, due in part to the owner’s fault, a premises liability claim might be the appropriate remedy for losses and injuries. Whether you were an invited guest to a home, shopping at a mall, staying at a hotel – or  visiting any other property, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common premises liability claims include parking lot and parking garage accidents; sports stadium and amusement park accidents; assault, injury, or death due to inadequate security; collapse of porch decks; swimming pool accidents; automatic door and escalator accidents; slip/trip and falls; falling objects; animal and dog bite accidents; construction/workplace accidents; fires; water leaks; toxic fumes and more.

Auto and Trucking Accidents

Injuries from a major car crash, motorcycle accident, or truck accident can be serious, resulting in long-term and permanent loss. We will investigate why and how an accident occurred, negotiate with insurance companies, navigate insurance issues (such as the at-fault person’s liability policy, medical insurance, uninsured and underinsured drivers), and conduct trials on your behalf to free your time for recovery.

Injured Children

Including injuries at school, caretaker negligence, daycare injuries, playground injuries, school bus accidents, trampoline and swimming pool accidents.

Nursing Home Injuries

Neglect and injuries in long-term care facilities are a consistent and growing problem.  Common nursing home injuries include bed sores, bone fractures and breaks, neglect and emotional abuse, falls, malnutrition, medication errors, assault, and death.

Wrongful Death

The grief and feelings of loss when a family member’s life is cut short due to the carelessness or negligence of another can be overwhelming.  Before accepting a wrongful death settlement, it is vital to understand your rights.  Recovering compensation and damages for wrongful death is a complex process, and we can assist you in this challenging time.

Behind Our Practices

Negotiation When Possible, Litigation When Necessary

Keeping clients out of court is often the best service an attorney can provide, but when necessary we’ve litigated on behalf of plaintiffs, defendants, claimants, and respondents – helping them achieve victory at trial or appeals.

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